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Dripper Stand/Biscuit Stand Set "Coffee, Coffee tool, Top Quality" Gray

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The stand consists of a biscuit-shaped bottom part and gently curved arms, and is finished in a subdued matte black. The stand goes well with the modern-looking drippers and mugs, and can be enjoyed as an interior decoration item when not brewing coffee.

The dripper of the "Dripper Stand Biscuit Set" has three special features.

The first is that the shape, number, and height of the corrugations have been adjusted to prevent the paper filter and dripper from sticking together and to allow air to enter. The air gap allows air to naturally convect through the paper filter, resulting in the extraction of tasty coffee with less cloying taste.

Second, the angle of the dripper is set at 55 degrees. Compared to ordinary drippers, the steeper angle allows a thicker layer of coffee grounds to be formed, resulting in better tasting coffee.

Third, the size of the hole at the bottom of the dripper has been adjusted so that anyone can easily brew delicious coffee. This allows anyone to easily brew delicious coffee without being nervous about the amount of hot water poured.

Product size: Stand D130mm x W175mm x H145mm Dripper diameter 110mm x H95mm Mug cup diameter 85mm x D130mm x H90mm

Packing size: D140mm x W 195mm x H 250mm

Material: Stand - iron, Dripper - ceramic, Mug - ceramic

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