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Fever Sheets - Cooling Sheets - 16 sheets for adults

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
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This product is a skin-friendly cooling gel sheet. The gel contains a cooling sensation lasting tabs. The cooling sensation lasts for 8 hours. Use during sudden fever or at night when it is difficult to sleep.

16 sheets for adults.

Please be especially careful when using on small children, as they may shift during application and block the nose or mouth. For such times and places where you want to cool down. Headache, toothache, hot skin after sports.

Product size (W x D x H):103mm x 70mm x 197mm

How to use ・Peel off the transparent film and apply to the area to be cooled. ・After opening the package, fold the cut end along the dotted line twice to keep the unused portion out of the open air, and store it in the box. ・The cooling effect lasts about 8 hours. (Cooling time may become shorter depending on the temperature of heat generation. Please replace the product when you no longer feel the cooling effect.) ・For hygienic and functional reasons, use this product only once per sheet. ・For hygienic and functional reasons, use this product only once per sheet. (Do not store in a freezer. (Do not store in a freezer, as it may reduce the product's functionality.)

■Cautions for use ・Do not use on areas with skin problems (wounds, eczema, rashes, burns, sunburns, etc.) or on the eyes. ・When used on infants, use caution under the supervision of a parent or guardian. ・Consult a physician if high fever or fever persists. ・In case of perspiration, wipe well before use. Avoid repeated reapplication, as this will worsen the adhesive's adhesiveness. ・After opening the package, use the product as soon as possible because the cooling effect will gradually decrease. ・Store in a cool, dark place and avoid high temperatures.

■First Aid Measures ・If the product does not agree with your skin, or if you notice irritation or any other skin problems, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist or other health care professional. ・Take this product with you when you go to see a doctor.

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