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Calbee Jagariko (Salad Flavor) potato snack 57g

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Jagariko is a favorite snack of adults and kids alike. A crunchy snack with a light salad flavor. A great snack to share with family and friends and mess-free.

Ingredients Potatoes (domestically produced), vegetable oil, dried potatoes, skimmed milk powder, powdered vegetable oil and fat, food made mainly from milk, salt, dried carrots, parsley, pepper / emulsifier (contains soybeans), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), antioxidant (V.C.), flavor

Country of origin: Japan 

・Please consume as soon as possible after opening. The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

・Do not store in direct sunlight or in high temperature and humidity. Jagariko" is a snack characterized by its hardness. To avoid damaging the inside of your mouth or getting it stuck in your throat, chew it a little at a time. Small children in particular should be careful.

・Black grains may be found in the product, which are potato peels.

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